Have meaningful 1-on-1 conversations

with everyone

Ziggy automates 1-on-1 conversations using AI, allowing you to conduct feedback interviews seamlessly with anyone, anytime, so you can focus on solving real customer issues faster.

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Can you tell me about your experience with Ziggy?

Ziggy made it easy to get more insightful feedback from my users.

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Why do businesses love Ziggy?

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Based on reponses, businesses love Ziggy for a number of reasons...

Interview Activity

In-depth conversations to keep customers coming back

Product Feedback Interviews

Employee Feedback Interviews

Market Research Interviews

UI/UX Testing

Exit Interviews

So much more...

Understand real problems and ship solutions in days, not months

Step 1

Set up your interview by adding the purpose and questions you want the AI to ask.

Step 1

Step 2

Share the Ziggy link of your interview with partcipants so they can take.

Step 1

Step 3

Analyze responses and get an actionable understanding of what your users are thinking.

Step 1

Upgrade the way you gather, analyze, and understand your users

Conversational interviews at scale

Use AI to have conversational interviews with users and collect insightful and more natural responses than static forms ever could.

A platform built for every team

Ziggy's commitment to collaboratation and creativity helps teams work together to get the best results.

Powerful tools for better insights

Ziggy's powerful analytical tools help ensure you understand your users' wants and needs.

Find the answers you're looking for

Use natural language to search for responses from your users and get AI to summarize the results in a meaningful way.

Use your primary sources

With Ziggy, you can see the original responses from your users and use them to make better decisions.


AI Interviews Conducted


Product Teams Empowered


Product and Services Researched

Have meaningful 1-on-1 conversations

with everyone

Give your team super powers and start making faster and smarter product decisions.

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